My Messages

Welcome to this site!

A cat on my table.

Moving down the page.

i think a lot of ppl here interested in buying ur account

When we write we grow

i just ate a ton of snacks but

We are at the train station

I’m around next weekend tho*

what’s this? are you at IKEA?

Tiny bit of green

we are most than likely going to be here most of the time, maybe a long weekend trip to the coast or portland.

I was on a roll and translating children’s books in high school when I took classes at this local tea/antiques shop

Might be June but I was going to possibly push it to September

no pressure, but would be nice ;~)

in the city.

We’re heading to magician

do any of these scissors close?

are you hiding somewhere in the apartment?

words are my clay, the streets, my canvas

I don’t understand the pears

Good luck!

What's the vibe?

Got a new number